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Mad Dog Jones NFT Art Best Review

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Mad Dog Jones’ NFT art mixes city scenes with natural beauty. His NFT artworks blend bright city lights with elements of nature.

In this article, we will introduce you to the world of Mad Dog Jones NFT artworks, focusing in detail on: 

The most important Mad Dog Jones works.

Explain about him and his art style.

Impact on the art world. 

Mad Dog Jones NFT Art Key Highlights

Who is Mad Dog Jones?

Mad Dog Jones, also known as Micah Dowbak, is a Canadian musician and NFT artist from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

Popular Mad Dog Jones Artworks:

  • Replicator: A unique NFT known for self-replication, sold for millions.
  • Mad Dog Jones Mercedes AMG F1 Collection: NFTs linked to real Formula 1 cars featuring art, videos, and driver-signed certificates.
  • Visor: An NFT depicting a face inside a lit motorcycle helmet, sold at auction.
  • Hamilton Running Helmet by Mad Dog Jones: A replica of Lewis Hamilton’s helmet with futuristic designs and social messages.
  • Crash + Burn Collection: A series of NFTs portraying urban chaos, sold for over $11 million.

Mad Dog Jones NFT Art Style: 

Futuristic, cyberpunk-inspired art with neon colors and big attention to detail.

Themes explore fragility, chaos, and narratives within a technological world influenced by movies and video games. 

Mad Dog Jones Net Worth:

Though not disclosed, his estimated net worth is around $19 million.

Popular Mad Dog Jones NFT Arts

Here are reviews of the most significant and famous artworks.


Creation Date: 2021
Description: The world’s first self-replicating NFT
Value: Sold for $ 4.144 million at Phillips.

The Replicator is a digital representation of an office photocopier, but what sets it apart is its captivating ability to generate new NFTs over time autonomously.

The initial NFT, the Genesis, undergoes a replication cycle every 28 days, giving rise to a fresh lineage of NFTs distinguished by varying visual attributes.

Nonetheless, there is a possibility that an anomaly may occur during the replication process, leading to the creation of a distinctive Jam Artwork. This Jam Artwork serves as a unique interruption, preventing further replication of subsequent generations.

Mad Dog Jones Replicator

The work is influenced by artists such as Wade Guyton, Andy Warhol, and Sol LeWitt.

The buyer of Replicator is not publicly known. Still, it could be a wealthy collector, a tech entrepreneur, or a crypto enthusiast who appreciates the innovative and dynamic nature of the artwork.

Mad Dog Jones Mercedes AMG F1 Collection

Creation Date: 2022
Description: Mercedes F1 team, cryptocurrency exchange FTX, and artist Mad Dog Jones collection of digital collectibles that feature the Mercedes F1 car in various artistic designs inspired by the upcoming Miami Grand Prix.
Value: Part of the auction money goes to charity.

This collection is interesting because it’s directly connected to the actual Formula 1 car driven by Lewis Hamilton and George Russell in Miami. Specifically, two of the NFTs are tied to the physical rear wings of these racing cars.

Mad Dog Jones Mercedes AMG F1 Collection

These rear wing sections serve as the canvas for Mad Dog’s artwork, portraying a futuristic cityscape with palm trees, neon lights, and flying vehicles.

What sets these NFTs apart is that they go beyond visual art – they also include a video of the race and a certificate of authenticity personally signed by the drivers.

Following the Miami Grand Prix, the physical rear wings bearing Mad Dog’s artwork were auctioned alongside their digital NFT counterparts.

These NFTs were available on the FTX platform, with prices ranging from $500 to $50,000. The collection is limited to 5,000 pieces, making them rare and desirable for collectors.

Importantly, that part of the money of this auction was directed towards charitable causes. This initiative is a world first in Formula 1 and NFTs.

The Mad Dog Jones collection auction commenced on May 6th, 2022, and concluded on May 13th, 2022, coinciding with the Miami Grand Prix activities.  An anonymous buyer placed the final bid.


Creation Date: 2021
Description: This work features a face inside a motorcycle helmet, beautifully lit by neon lights and reflections.
Value: $75,600 at Sotheby’s.

Visor is from Mad Dog Jones’ 2019 Tokyo exhibit called Afterlife World. This series delves into alternate realities and moments when we pause and reflect. The hyphen in the title represents the unexpected interruptions in our lives.

Mad Dog Jones Visor

The artwork also features an audio track by La+ch, a Canadian musician and producer who collaborated with Mad Dog Jones on several projects.

Interactive installation Visor captures one of those moments when the face inside the helmet looks at us with a mysterious expression as if inviting us to enter their world.

The artwork is brought to life with neon lights that shine inside the helmet, creating intriguing reflections and depth.

This contrast of a hidden identity within the helmet raises questions about how technology and privacy intersect.

Visor was sold at Sotheby’s Natively Digital: A Curated NFT Sale on June 10, 2021, for an undisclosed amount (probable for 75.000 $).

The auction house described it as “a triumphant tribute to cyberpunk and dystopian imagery” and “an important artwork from Mad Dog Jones’ 2019 Tokyo exhibition”. The artist explained that NFTs have allowed him to distribute his art to collectors in its natural form without compromising quality or authenticity.

Visor is a remarkable example of Mad Dog Jones’ artistic vision and skill and his innovative use of technology to create and share his art.

Crash + Burn Collection

Creation Date: 2021
Description: A series of NFTs depicting urban chaos and destruction scenes.
Value: over $11 million at Nifty Gateway

One of his most popular collections is Crash + Burn, which was released on Nifty Gateway on February 18, 2021. This collection consists of 10 pieces, 7 of which are unique and 3 of which are open editions. The unique pieces have a special mechanism requiring collectors to sacrifice 5 copies of his previous works, Thought as a System or Ideas r the currency, to receive one.

Crash + Burn showcases Mad Dog Jones’ talent and vision and his innovative approach to NFT creation. The collection has sold for over $11 million in total volume, making it one of the most successful NFTs ever.

Hamilton Running Helmet by Mad Dog Jones 

Creation Date: 2020
Description: The helmet is a duplicate of the one Lewis Hamilton wore
Value: each helmet about $ 40.000

If you are a fan of NFT art and Formula 1, you might have noticed the stunning helmet design that Lewis Hamilton wore at the British Grand Prix this year.

mad-dog-jones-nft-art- helmet
Mad Dog Jones Hamilton Running Helmet

The helmet features his signature neon colors, geometric patterns, and Hamilton’s initials and number. The NFT also includes a physical replica of the helmet, signed by the artist and the driver.

The helmet is a replica of the one worn by Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time Formula One world champion, and features a futuristic design. This helmet is also embedded with a screen that displays animated graphics.

The helmet that Hamilton commissioned from Mad Dog Jones features messages on sustainability and racial equality. It also has a recycling sign, a Black Lives Matter logo, and a quote from Maya Angelou: Still We Rise. The helmet reflects Hamilton’s passion for social and environmental causes and racing prowess.

Mad Dog Jones said that designing Hamilton’s helmet was his “wildest dream” and thanked him for trusting him with the opportunity. He also praised Hamilton’s dedication to bringing joy, sustainability, and equality into the world.

The helmet is a stunning artwork symbol of NFTs and sports coming together. As more athletes and celebrities embrace crypto art, we can expect more creative collaborations like this.

This work is a limited edition of 100, and each one comes with a certificate of authenticity and a custom case.

Mad Dog Jones Art Style

His works combine elements of nature, technology, and urban culture in a dynamic style that has attracted millions of followers on Instagram and beyond.


Futuristic Style: Mad Dog Jones excels at taking viewers into futuristic and cyberpunk-inspired realms. He offers visually captivating experiences that immerse people in imaginative worlds.

Neon Colors: Neon lights are a central element in his artwork, spreading vivid and otherworldly colors across his digital creations. These hues inject a burst of energy into his pieces.

Attention to Detail: Mad Dog Jones’s meticulous attention to detail is evident in every detail of his art. His work showcases a high level of craftsmanship that invites viewers to explore his creations closely.

Exploration of Fragility: Another central theme in his art is the fragility and volatility of modern society. His works often depict scenes of chaos, explosions, and crashes, inviting contemplation on the unpredictability of our world.

Delving into Stories: Besides their visual beauty, his NFT artworks often communicate intricate narratives and emotions. They frequently feature themes like transformation, resilience, and the interplay of technology and humanity.

Movie Influence: Mad Dog Jones’ style is heavily influenced by action movies and video games, evident in the dynamic and cinematic compositions that make his art feel like frozen moments from a thrilling movie scene.

His art style is influenced by Moebius, Katsuhiro Otomo, Syd Mead, and Hayao Miyazaki.

About Mad Dog Jones

Mad Dog Jones is the pseudonym of Michah Dowbak, a 35-year-old musician turned artist from Thunder Bay, Ontario. 


He grew up in a creative environment, surrounded by nature and influenced by his father, a stained glass artist and a musician. Michah started playing violin at age five and became a percussionist and a DJ.

Mad Dog Jones is a well-known digital art and NFTs figure and has amassed significant wealth in his career. Although the exact number is not disclosed, estimates suggest his net worth is around $19 million.

When Mad Dog Jones Entered into Digital Art?

Mad Dog Jones has been drawing since childhood, inspired by Japanese animation, sci-fi movies, and video games. He studied graphic design and illustration at Cambrian College in Sudbury, Ontario, and worked as a tattoo artist for several years. He also played in a band and created album covers and posters for local musicians.

In 2017, he pursued digital art full-time and created his Instagram account He started his career on Instagram, gaining a large following and collaborating with celebrities and brands such as Run The Jewels, Deadmau5, Conor McGregor, and Maroon 5.

In 2018, he had his first solo art show at the Mirus Gallery in San Francisco, selling all his artworks. He also began working with big-name brands and personalities, including Samsung, Fendi, Diesel, Run The Jewels, Deadmau5, and Conor McGregor.

In 2020, he learned about crypto art and NFTs thanks to his friend Trevor Jones, a famous crypto artist. This new world fascinated him because it offered exciting possibilities for art and value using blockchain technology.

Mad Dog Jones’s Impact on the Art World 

Mad Dog Jones’s contribution to the world of NFT art is important, making him a notable figure in the intersection of art and technology.

Mad Dog Jones is reshaping traditional art by excelling in digital techniques.

Mad Dog Jones inspires fellow artists like Beeple with his dedication to pushing boundaries, craftsmanship, and storytelling. This motivates artists to explore new mediums and narratives in their work.

He creates a positive social impact. He has donated part of his earnings from his NFT sales to charities and causes that he supports, such as environmental conservation, mental health awareness, animal welfare, and education.

Mad Dog Jones has left a mark on the art world by advancing the digital art movement and achieving worldwide recognition. His impact continues to shape the art world’s evolution in exciting and unexpected ways.

Controversies about Mad Dog Jones Art

Mad Dog Jones’s NFT art success hasn’t been without controversy. Critics accuse him of plagiarism, claiming he used others’ work without permission. Some compare his art to Simon Stålenhag’s, a Swedish artist known for similar themes. Mad Dog Jones denies this, asserting his respect for artists and the originality of his work, influenced by various sources.

He’s also faced criticism from environmentalists concerned about the ecological impact of NFTs. NFTs use energy-intensive blockchain technology, with studies linking them to significant carbon emissions. Mad Dog Jones acknowledges this and commits to offsetting his carbon footprint by supporting renewable energy and reforestation projects.


In summary, Mad Dog Jones is a pioneering digital artist known for his NFT artworks that have greatly impacted the art world. His pieces like Replicator, Mad Dog Jones Mercedes AMG F1 Collection, Visor, and Crash + Burn Collection have gained significant attention and value in the NFT market.

Mad Dog Jones’ influence extends beyond his artistry, inspiring other artists to push boundaries. His support for social causes and charitable donations reflect a positive impact, and his commitment to redefining digital art has changed how we view traditional art norms.

❓What is Mad Dog Jones’s real name?

Mad Dog Jones is the pseudonym of Michah Dowbak, a Canadian multidisciplinary artist who creates futuristic and cyberpunk digital art.

❓What is the Mad Dog Jones record?

Mad Dog Jones made history by selling the world’s first self-replicating NFT. It, titled REPLICATOR, is a digital image of a photocopier that produces new unique artworks every 28 days for seven generations.

❓How much is the Mad Dog Jones Replicator worth?

Mad Dog Jones Replicator is a unique piece of NFT art that sold for a record USD 4.144 million in April 2021.

❓Where does Mad Dog Jones live?

Mad Dog Jones lives and works in Thunder Bay, Ontario, where he grew up.

❓What is the art process of Mad Dog Jones?

This artist makes futuristic, cyberpunk-style art by mixing photos, drawings, and collages. His art involves taking photos or hand drawings of urban elements, such as buildings and signs, and then transforming them into neon-lit landscapes.

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