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Spells of Genesis NFT game review

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Spells of Genesis NFT game is the 1st blockchain-based mobile game ever made. Spell of Genesis combines TCG (Trading Card Game) functionalities with the point-and-shoot aspects of arcade games. Players have to collect and combine cards to create the strongest deck in order to fight their enemies.

In this Spells of Genesis review, we will explore the top key facts that define this game, gameplay, diverse game modes, best cards, blockchainization feature and the significance of the in-game token, BitCrystal.

❓ What are the in-game currencies in Spells of Genesis?

There are three different in-game currencies: gold, crystals, and gems.

❓ How many daily quests can I get?

Players receive one new daily quest each day. If you didn’t complete the previous day’s quest, you can keep it, but you can store a maximum of 3 quests.

❓ What can I use “crystals” for in Spells of Genesis?

They can be used to upgrade or fuse your cards or to “blockchainize” one card per month.

❓ What makes Spells of Genesis unique compared to other mobile games?

Spells of Genesis is unique because it is the first blockchain-based mobile game ever made. It combines the functionalities of a TCG with the point-and-shoot aspects of arcade games.

❓ Is Spells of Genesis free to play?

βœ… Yes, Spells of Genesis NFT game is free to play, however, some items may be purchased for real money.

❓ What are the different game modes available in Spells of Genesis?

Spells of Genesis offers three main game modes: Campaigns, Challenge and Raid.

Top 5 key facts about Spells of Genesis NFT game

  1. Spells of Genesis is the first-ever blockchain-based mobile game, blending TCG mechanics with arcade-style gameplay. Players collect and combine cards to build powerful decks and battle enemies in the fantasy realm of Askian.
  2. The game introduces a unique feature where players can use blockchain collectables from their wallets, purchase in-game cards, and convert them into NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens). Players own their Spells of Genesis cards outside of the game, giving them the freedom to trade, sell, or collect them as valuable digital assets.
  3. Spells of Genesis is one of top 10 NFT games that offers a real gameplay experience, starting with a simple principle that becomes more challenging as players progress. Cunning strategies are required to defeat stronger opponents in later stages.
  4. Spells of Genesis developers EverdreamSoft, which is recognized as one of the first play-to-earn blockchain games.
  5. The game boasts an active Spells of Genesis marketplace for NFTs, allowing players to securely trade and sell their collectable cards on various platforms. The blockchain-based nature of the game ensures transparency and ownership of digital assets.

Spells of Genesis gameplay


The game starts when players initiate with a hand of four cards. The primary objective for players is to strike their opponents with maximum frequency. Each successful strike results in a specific measure of damage being dealt to the adversary. The first player to reach zero health will be defeated in the battle.

The assortment of cards possessed by players, often referred to as their team, plays a pivotal role in aiding them to triumph over their adversaries, thanks to the distinct array of attributes and spells inherent in each card.

Spells hold the capability to inflict heightened damage upon foes compared to regular attacks, serving as distinctive card abilities that exert influence over both opposing and allied cards. These spells possess the ability to mend or cast protective enchantments on allies, all the while amplifying the damage inflicted upon enemies. In order to activate a spell, players are required to precisely strike the spell itself with a shot.

There are over 700 levels in 30 different campaigns in this game mode that players can experience. Players’ goal is to survive as long as they can and clear enemy waves. Every wave will be more challenging than the previous wave. Further progression in this mode will be rewarded with better rewards.

Spells of Genesis game modes


Spells of Genesis NFT game offers a diverse range of game modes for users to enjoy, and we’ll detail each one below:

  • Campaigns (PvE): In this mode, players can embark on 30 different campaigns with over 700 levels, promising an exhilarating PvE experience. As you progress through levels gradually, completing each level rewards you with gold and points for the leaderboard. Additionally, by completing a star, you’ll earn a specific in-game card, making it essential to choose your stars wisely to optimize your rewards.
  • Raid Mode (PvP): Engage in intense battles in Raid Mode, where you’ll be matched with a player of similar PvP rank. Confront each other in randomly generated levels, with the other player’s cards serving as formidable enemies. Participating in this mode earns you points for the leaderboard and grants you gold as a reward.
  • Challenge Mode: This mode offers an exciting twist by allowing you to engage in an infinite survival experience. Your objective is to endure as long as possible while facing randomly generated challenges. The longer you survive, the more gold you’ll earn as a valuable reward.

Spells of Genesis Cards

In Spells of Genesis bitcoin game, players must collect and combine cards to create powerful decks to battle their adversaries in the fantasy realm of Askian.

The unique aspect of Spells of Genesis is that it utilizes blockchain collectables, providing players with true ownership of their in-game cards, which can be freely traded, sold, or collected outside the game.


The game features several in-game currencies that players can use for various purposes:

  • Gold: Gold is one of the primary in-game currencies that players can use to purchase new in-game cards. There are multiple ways to earn gold, including completing levels, finishing quests or achievements, winning Raids, playing the Challenge mode, and ranking among the top 100 players at the end of a month on the monthly leaderboard.
  • Crystals: Crystals serve as another in-game currency and are obtained through the process of crystallization. Players can crystallize cards they don’t want to keep to acquire crystals. These crystals can be utilized to upgrade or fuse cards, as well as “blockchainize” one card per month.
  • Gems: Gems are an in-game currency usable in Spells of Genesis NFT game only. They are not blockchain items, and they can’t be traded. They can be used to purchase cards with a guarantee of a higher card rarity than when purchasing cards for gold or to refill your stamina.

Spells of Genesis best cards


The “Spell All” cards are considered some of the best cards in the game due to their unique and powerful abilities. These cards allow players to target all of their opponents’ orbs with a single shot, provided they can target the element’s icon on the battlefield.

The “Spell All” cards offer several strategic advantages that make them highly desirable:

Efficiency: By using “Spell All” cards, players can deal damage to multiple enemy orbs at once, making it easier to defeat opponents quickly and efficiently.

Combo Potential: “Spell All” cards can be combined with other “Spell All” cards or offensive cards to create devastating combos. For example, using a “Target All” card followed by a “Fire All” card can lead to massive damage against enemies.

Rarity and Power: Legendary “Spell All” cards, when fully evolved and fused, have high stats and can be extremely powerful in battles.

Strategic Value: The effectiveness of “Spell All” cards depends on various factors such as the card’s position in the team, the level being played, and the enemy being faced. This adds depth to the gameplay and encourages players to strategize and optimize their card combinations.

Spells of Genesis Blockchain Cards: Spells of Genesis incorporates blockchain technology, and some of the most potent “Spell All” cards are part of the blockchain collection. These Spells of Genesis blockchain cards are often rare and highly sought after by players.

Longevity: The game’s developers continually update Spells of Genesis NFT game with new content, including new “Spell All” cards. This ongoing support keeps the game fresh and provides players with new strategic options.

Overall, the combination of efficiency, combo potential, rarity, and strategic value makes “Spell All” cards highly regarded and sought after by players, earning them the reputation of being some of the best cards in the game.

Spells of Genesis unique blockchainization feature

One of the unique features in Spells of Genesis NFT game is called “Blockchainization.” This feature allows players to transform their in-game cards into standalone, tradable blockchain assets.

However, only cards upgraded to their highest evolution can be blockchainized. When a card is blockchainized, players can choose which blockchain they wish to receive the card on, thanks to the usage of “First Oasis.”

First Oasis is a Klaytn-based custodian wallet solution that acts as a bridge between different blockchains and between the game and the player’s wallet. It allows for the transfer of blockchainized cards from the game to the chosen blockchain.

Blockchainization costs

The process of blockchainization incurs expenses, with each player having the option to undergo this process three times a month.

The expenses associated with blockchainization are not fixed and vary based on the in-game currencies of crystals and gems. Specifically, the costs for blockchainizing each card are as follows:

  • First card: 200 crystals
  • Second card: 35 gems
  • Third card: 150 gems

Spells of Genesis token – BitCrystal


BitCrystals is a digital Spell of Genesis token or cryptocurrency. Developed by EverdreamSoft, Spells of Genesis is one of the earliest blockchain-based mobile games that blends elements of TCG with arcade and strategy gameplay. BitCrystals serve as the in-game currency within the ecosystem.

Players can earn BitCrystals by:

  • Playing the game
  • Completing quests
  • Participating in events
  • Trading cards on the blockchain.

The tokens have utility within the game, as players can use them to purchase card packs, participate in events, and perform various in-game actions.

One of the innovative aspects of BitCrystals is that they are based on blockchain technology.

The game utilizes the Bitcoin blockchain and the Counterparty protocol to ensure the ownership and rarity of the digital assets (cards) within the game. This means that players truly own their digital cards, and they can trade, sell, or use them as they see fit outside the game environment.

The introduction of blockchain technology and the use of BitCrystals in Spells of Genesis was a pioneering step in the gaming industry, as it demonstrated how blockchain could revolutionize ownership and trading of in-game assets, bringing a new level of transparency and player control to the gaming experience.

Earning gold in Spells of Genesis

To earn gold in Spells of Genesis NFT game, you have several options:

  • Successfully Completing Levels: You can earn gold by successfully completing levels in the game.
  • Completing Quests and Achievements: Completing quests and achievements will reward you with gold.
  • Winning Raids: Participate in raids and win them to receive gold as a reward.
  • Playing the Challenge Mode: Engaging in the Challenge mode will grant you gold.
  • Monthly Spells of Genesis Leaderboard: If you manage to be among the top 100 players at the end of the month, you will receive gold as a reward from the monthly leaderboard.

Additionally, daily quests provide an excellent opportunity to earn gold regularly. Each day, you will receive one new daily quest. If you haven’t completed the previous day’s quest, you can store up to three quests at a time. Completing these daily quests will also reward you with substantial gold.

By accumulating gold, you can buy new in-game cards, which will help you build a stronger deck and improve your gameplay.

How to sell Spells of Genesis cards

  1. Verify Blockchain Integration: Before diving into sales, ensure your cards have been blockchainized. This entails levelling up cards to their maximum potential, merging duplicate cards for enhanced versions, and ultimately blockchainizing them for the exchange.
  2. Identify Potential Buyers: To find interested buyers, explore a range of avenues. Marketplaces like OpenSea, RareBits, and AtomicHub offer platforms to showcase your cards. Delve into the Spells of Genesis community through forums, and leverage social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter. For a personal touch, communicate directly with potential buyers through platform messaging.
  3. Execute Secure Card Transfer: Once a buyer is secured, proceed with the card transfer process. Utilize resources like Casa Tookan, an orb explorer, to effortlessly view card balances and facilitate secure wallet-to-wallet transfers through the Spells of Genesis OpenSea marketplace. Log in to your Casa Tookan account, locate the specific card, input the buyer’s wallet address, and initiate the transfer.
  4. Finalize Payment Arrangements: After the buyer receives the cards, expect to receive the agreed-upon payment. This compensation can manifest as various Spells of Genesis crypto money, such as DAI, or valuable NFTs. Consider that the value of Spells of Genesis cards can vary depending on factors like rarity and market demand. It’s advisable to conduct thorough market research to determine fair compensation.


Spells of Genesis is a blockchain-based mobile game combining Trading Card Game mechanics with arcade-style gameplay. Players collect and combine cards to create powerful decks for battles in the fantasy realm of Askian.

The game introduces blockchain collectables, allowing true ownership of in-game cards that can be traded as valuable NFTs.

With diverse game modes, play-to-earn opportunities, and innovative use of blockchain, Spells of Genesis NFT game offers a unique and engaging gaming experience.

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